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The Drift Estate

The Drift Estate Penelope Rosé (MCC) 750ml

The Drift Estate Penelope Rosé (MCC) 750ml

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A message from the winemaker...

The sun hesitated and hung above the western mountains, reluctant to lose sight of the valley. This caused earth to suddenly stop its wobbly spin and everything went flying. Cows and sheep and hay bales and trucks went hurtling overhead flying off over the horizon.

But I was expecting this, because it had happened before. In fact, it happened a lot during spring when the valley was at its most beautiful. I had tied myself to a thick vineyard pole and fastened an ice bucket to my leg with some scrap trellis wire. Carefully placed in the ice bucket was a bottle of Penelope. A champagne flute was strapped to my hand with stretchy, white, electrical tape (because the only other colour I had in the toolbox was yellow and that was obviously going to clash with the colour of the wine). Now I know exactly what you are thinking... when everything was flying around, how the hell did he keep the bottle in the ice bucket?

Aha, great question! With an elastic rope tied around the neck, of course. It almost snapped and broke free when earth stopped. My plan would have been dashed had I not also cable-tied the bottle to the ice bucket handle!

Call me OCD, but its better to be safe than sorry. Now the recent yoga practice came in handy as I bent down, loosened the wire with my spare hand and watched the cork fly out, followed by the wine. I was ready! I managed to catch about half a glass of the torrent, the rest spraying over the vineyard.
And I watched the sun sit there in the amazed sky and it watched me back. At that moment we both knew how beautiful the valley was, but the sun knew I could also taste it..

Tasting Note

This wine is a great accompaniment to our Overberg Highland sunsets and as an aperitif before dinner. It is fresh, creamy, with soft red fruit flavours on the palate and aromas of mangosteen and strawberry.
A wine that sparkles with attitude

Food Pairing

Grouper with ginger, yuzu or lemon. Baba ganoush or hummus. Crudites. Ripe camembert.

Vinification and Winemaking

After traditional whole-bunch basket-pressing, we allow the wine to ferment in old barrels. This allows us to build creamy mouthfeel without imparting any wood flavour to the wine. After a few months maturation in barrel, the wine is transferred to their bottles for the secondary fermentation, where the CO2 bubbles are entrapped into the wine in the traditional Champagne method.

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Overberg Highlands


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South Africa

"So great to be able to receive a regular delivery of good wine rather than the usual 12 bottle case sold by most 'wine clubs' "

- Terry Wharton Hood -

Great wine at a great time, everytime