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Miao Pinot Grigio & Barking Dog Tempranillo Organic Wine Gift Pair

Miao Pinot Grigio & Barking Dog Tempranillo Organic Wine Gift Pair

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Miao Pinot Grigio & Barking Dog Tempranillo Organic Wine Gift Pair

Barking Dog Tempranillo

Just like the heart warming reassurance of an excited bark from a loyal dog, this Organic Tempranillo makes you feel all loved inside.Made using 100% certified organic Tempranillo grapes from carefully selected vines, the Barking Dog is a wine that can be trusted to deliver time and again and will always be pleased to see you!

Tasting Note

This Tempranillo is bursting with flavours of ripe red berries and spring fruits with lots more to offer - from its incredible ability to age, to its subtle savory tasting notes which come from the way in which Tempranillo wine is aged in oak barrels. 

Food Pairing

A great wine gift for lovers of a medium-bodied wine its not quite as heavy as fuller-bodied reds and compliments grilled meats beautifully.

Miao Pinot Grigio

From the winemaker....

Sonno the cat guards the winery in Treviso as her own but always purrs in delight when we visit. Our friendly greetings of Ciao! were quickly translated as Miao! for Sonno and the welcome phrase has become our standard way of saying hello; a reminder that in Italy we are always made to feel at home, with friends.

Miao seemed the perfect way to describe this benchmark wine of the Veneto, perfect for capturing that feeling from a missed loved one when you open the door to your own home.

100% Organic, Miao Pinot Grigio offers green apple and lemon freshness.

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"So great to be able to receive a regular delivery of good wine rather than the usual 12 bottle case sold by most 'wine clubs' "

- Terry Wharton Hood -

Great wine at a great time, everytime