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Arno Smith

Arno Smith Saartjie Petit Verdot 750ml

Arno Smith Saartjie Petit Verdot 750ml

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This full-bodied red wine is highly desired in blends because of its plentiful color, tannin and floral aromas but this bold varietal is making a name for itself as a single-varietal wine.
For those that have ventured out into the Petit Verdot spotlight, featuring the grape as a standalone - it offers up ethereal aromas of mostly black fruit flavors ranging from plum, blackberry and blueberry to slightly lighter black cherry.

Tasting Note
The unique and intriguing flavours of Petit Verdot have herbal and floral notes, such as violet, lilac, lavender, sage, and dried herbs with hints of spice and liquorice on the nose.

Food Pairing

The bold-yet-floral expression of Petit Verdot is most definitely something all red wine enthusiasts should experience and pair with the perfect dishes and cheesed like
Grana Padano, smoked and aged Gouda, Manchego and aged Gruyere.
Due to the rigid tannin structure and concentrated nature of this wine, foods with plenty of weight, protein, and fat are your best bets. Thus, with this wine you can visit any Karoo farm and invite lamb chops, lamb sosaties (kebabs) or beef short rib to the table. Enhancing all the succulent flavours that red meat presents, even your veal, roasted and spicy pork will be complimented to the rich appeal of Petit Verdot.

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Petit Verdot

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South Africa

"So great to be able to receive a regular delivery of good wine rather than the usual 12 bottle case sold by most 'wine clubs' "

- Terry Wharton Hood -

Great wine at a great time, everytime