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Arno Smith

Arno Smith Saartjie Malbec 750ml

Arno Smith Saartjie Malbec 750ml

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Normally your Malbec grape tends to have an inky dark color and robust tannins. This award-winning Saartjie Malbec does not disappoint with its luscious, rich purple shade in your glass.
This thick-skinned grape originates from France and due to its poor resistance to weather and pests, it quickly became common as a blending grape, until recent when wine-lovers got accustomed to the exquisite dark fruit flavours and smoky finish.

Tasting Note

This well-balanced wine presents rich blackberry, plum and mulberry flavours with welcomed spicy notes on the palate. You might even pick up hints of dark chocolate while swirling the velvety, dark colors around in your glass.

Food Pairing

Surprisingly, the Malbec doesn’t have a super long finish like the Cabernet Franc. Therefore, your leaner red meats are much more complimentary to this wine.
Besides a perfectly prepared ostrich steak, Malbec pairs well with earthy flavours too, such as beef brisket and black pepper beef burgers.

Additional recommendations include duck, chicken leg, lamb, beef, ostrich, buffalo, and pork shoulder. The wine also pairs extremely well with strong, funky flavours like blue cheese and rustic flavours like mushrooms and cumin spice, making this an absolute favourite when preparing a cheese platter.

Customer Reviews

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James Finster
Deep red in hue, with an aroma that captivate and are addictive!!

Probably the best South African Malbecs i have tasted. This wine, a captivating deep red in hue, introduces itself with an aroma that evokes crushed chalk, mingled with the essence of dark berries and cherries. As it graces the palate, one encounters a symphony of flavors - notes of green peppercorn, the essence of fynbos, and the subtle sweetness of prunes, all culminating in a finish kissed by oak. Medium-bodied and gracefully integrated, it caresses the palate with soft tannins and leaves a lasting impression with its memorable persistence. While delightful in its current state, it holds the promise of further evolution over the coming years, reaching its pinnacle of maturation.

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South Africa

"So great to be able to receive a regular delivery of good wine rather than the usual 12 bottle case sold by most 'wine clubs' "

- Terry Wharton Hood -

Great wine at a great time, everytime