Luxury..... what is luxury ?

Luxury..... what is luxury ?

When does something we enjoy earn the status of ‘luxury’? Is it cost? Availability? Or can it be our level of appreciation for it that makes it so?

The concept of luxury is often bandied around as a special feature - an elevated level of a simpler product that sets it apart. M&S use this concept perfectly with their ‘...Not just any ...’ campaign.

However, my ‘luxury’ might be your ‘pedestrian’, and so in essence, I think the majority of luxuries are subjective - and relative. And that's how it should be,

I am currently in South Africa, meeting with some of the producers of the superb wines that I carefully select for my company. And whilst you may purchase some of these for special occasions, and others for a mid-week tipple, each and every one is, to me, a luxury, that I savour and enjoy, as I learn the stories behind them from those who lovingly produce them.

‘This is not just any wine, this is K and L wine…’

- Perhaps it does have a ring to it … but ultimately, I'll let you be the judge of your own good taste:)

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